The Powers of Music

Music is something that all kids should get a chance to learn in school regardless of how wealthy a town they live in. Music is a great tool for developing the brain as a child matures. Those who have played musical instruments through high school, even if they never play again, will have developed the right half of the brain so that their creativity and imagination is far wider than those who never played an instrument. In a business meeting if a challenging problem arises those who have played music in their childhood will come up with much wider variety of answers, with much more creativity than those who never had music education. Tests done showed that when a child who played music reached their mid twenties the right half of the brain was much bigger than that of anyone who had never played an instrument in their youth.

When children are growing up the right half of the brain is the dominant half, It usually remains the dominant half until they get to their mid twenties and have a full time job. That means they have . a vast amount of creativity in their youth. When schools have wonderful music and art programs it gives children a chance to explore wonderful ways to use their creativity. When they do not have this opportunity their creativity , yes that strong creative half of their brain, can end up being used in very bad ways, Crimes and murders and much more, a child with no form of music or arts education , is much more likely to become involved in, for no good ways to use their creativity were offered to them. So if we cut the music and arts programs in our schools, like has been going on in the USA for about 40 years now… well the crime will increase, and more money will be spent on juvenile detention centers rather than on the arts and music education in our schools. We have seen more violence with guns in our country than in almost any other country on the planet. Policemen murder more people in the USA than anywhere else with guns.

Yes and one of the reasons there is so much violence today is due to racism and religions. Now in music it is like an international language. When I play music in a group we see people of all religions, races, and nationalities playing the same music together. The music is what is important and what make peace between us all. Those who do not play an instrument will never get to experience this peace and love among humans that music can bring.. So in those places with no music education we have more hate and violence.

Different subjects use different parts of the brain. when tests were done science would activate one part of the brain, math would activate another part of the brain, foreign languages would activate another section of the brain, The same with history, and poetry. But there is nothing that activates both halves of the brain at the same time and that activates as much of the brain as playing music. Even just listening to music uses an incredible amount of the brain. IT is definitely something that should be done more if we want to see more intelligence in our country.

Music is a great way to overcome depression and anger. Omega 3 is a great way too. But when I had things that got me upset , sad , or angry a walk in nature was one way to make me feel wonderful, once again and overcome all that negativity.. there is lots of beautiful music in nature.. It is really like heaven. Listening to music and playing music could also bring great results. Nature and music bring far better results to overcoming depression than prozac or any prescriptions from the doctors, many of which tend to lead to suicides and murders. Classical music especially is very calming and spiritually strengthening. Putin recently said that if we got rid of rap music and had more classical music there would be far less violence. I think he may be correct. It would certainly create a totally different society.

I remember back in the 1990’s one family I taught violin to had two young boys who were twins.. They were a great pleasure to teach. Their parents had come from Cape Verde island off the west coast of Africa.. They told me how when they lived there there was music going on in the streets morning noon and night. There were people playing, dancing, singing. Music was part of their society and part of their lives. However when those twins’ parents had moved to Boston and the mom had given birth to the two kids, with the cost of living here in the USA being so high, there was no time for music. Both parents to try to keep a shelter over their heads and be able to support the kids had two full time jobs each, none of them paying very high. How sad. IT made almost no time to have to spend with the kids and help them learn and more. Our society should strive to be more like Cape Verde Island Money should lose its importance. Happiness should be much more important. The USA is very low on the scale for being the happiest country in the world. Once I read we were in 114th place.. More things should be important to people than how their stocks and bonds were doing. How huge a house they can buy.. how many people they can rip off every day with high prices. how they can brainwash people to buy their product in huge numbers. Instead we should strive to live more modest lives and to keep our lives happy where music is something we can take part in constantly. I know in Japan the work hours are so long and 6 days a week that after high school no one would ever have a chance to play an instrument again unless they made music their profession.. And the suicide rate there is awfully high.

So as we progress into the 21st century, yes into the time period of Aquarius once again, we must strive to make music something that is much more important to us all and something that all kids growing up can have as part of their lives. The great tool to happiness and peace is something that can bring far more good things to our lives than having jobs paying in 6 figure amounts or more

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