Franz Berwald

Franz Berwald was a Swedish composer born in Stockholm in 1796.  His father was a German born violinist, and Franz, although he got some advice from his father, was mostly self taught..  At 16 he joined the Royal Opera Orchestra and started to compose.  His Septet for violin , viola, cello, bass, clarinet, horn and bassoon he wrote  in 1828  at the age of 32.

His music was met with no great reception, and he travelled to Paris where he also had no success getting his music performed.. When he went to Vienna,  a couple times,  he did have some success there,  especially with his operas, and he married when he was living there, but when he returned to Stockholm  the people  still seemed to have no interest in his music. In Sweden he had to make his living by glass blowing  running a sawmill, orthopedics and physical therapy.

He continued to compose chamber music, operas, and symphonies, although his music did not start to really get performed much until many years after he died in 1868.   He met Liszt  when he was in his 40s and they . made good friends, Liszt admired his music very much, but warned him not to expect it to become popular in Sweden while he was alive.  He did get  respect for his non musical endeavors at least while he was alive, and appreciation and respect  for his music has  finally started to rise considerably in the past few decades.