Franz Berwald

Franz Berwald was a Swedish composer born in Stockholm in 1796.  His father was a German born violinist, and Franz, although he got some advice from his father, was mostly self taught..  At 16 he joined the Royal Opera Orchestra and started to compose.  His Septet for violin , viola, cello, bass, clarinet, horn and […]

Adolphe Blanc-A composer whose music should be heard more often.

These last couple weeks the Charles River Sinfonietta found out that the grants we applied for from the Local Cultural Councils in severalMassachusetts towns  for supporting our chamber music concerts in 2019, in their towns, have been approved. Not only did we get the grant in Plymouth  for doing the Telemann Paris Quartets, but also  […]

The Paris Quartets

The Charles River Sinfonietta just got their grant proposals approved for performing a chamber music concert in Plymouth MA later this year,  and included in our program will be some of Telemann’s Paris Quartets for flute, violin, cello(or viola da gamba) and Bass (b.c.) Telemann started composing music for this combination of instruments about 1730,  […]

Gaetano Brunetti

One composer who we will be performing some compositions of in 2019 is Gaetano Brunetti(1744-1798). He wrote an amazing amount of music and more if it deserves to be heard today. From information included on some of the music it says how chamber music accounts for more than 75% of Gaetano Brunetti’s total output since,, […]